Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wisconsin Center Tax: "Forever II"

See below for "Forever I"

At Gimbel's Folly (the Wisconsin Center):

Overall tax revenue dropped 17.28% to just over $16 million. That was $3.3 million less than expected.

• Collections for the city hotel tax dropped 21.14%. Collections for the county hotel tax dropped 20.5%. Collections for the food and beverage tax dropped 5.37%. And collections for the county-wide car-rental tax dropped 17.8%.

In December, the district board approved increasing the 0.25% local food and beverage tax to 0.5%. That increase is due to become effective on July 1. But the board has already signaled that it hopes to sunset the tax when economic conditions improve.

Actually, that tax will sunset whenever the Board feels like it.

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