Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Cost of Doyle, Part 454,987

You are, indeed, in the state of Doylet.

Gov. Jim Doyle sometimes signs more than 10 bills a day. Those laws translate to added regulations that directly and indirectly affect county costs; some, like the new mandate on group health insurance in the last biennial budget, have an immediate effect on the county's expenditures.

Most private insurance carriers must now provide coverage for cochlear implants, hearing aids, certain autism-related costs and parity for mental health treatment. Parents' policies must cover their adult children up to 27 years of age.

According to Administrator Jeff French, municipalities and counties are budgeting for a projected 20- to 24-percent increase in health insurance premiums, which includes annual hikes plus the 3- to 7-percent cost of the mandate.

That '3- to 7-percent' mandate cost applies to all State, County, municipal, and school district healthcare costs (not to mention lots of private industries.)

You get to pay the taxes to support that.

HT: FoxPolitics

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Billiam said...

What a f**ked up place this is! At 18, you're responsible for yourself. You're a legal adult. You can die for your country, but you can't drink. Now, this total tool of an idiot governor say parents must support 27 yr old 'children'? Time to leave this soon to be god-forsaken state. Talk about idiocy!