Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chisholm Has Evidence in Planned Parenthood Problem

Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm was given a videotape of "Janelle"'s encounter with Planned Parenthood/Milwaukee.

After an undercover video released Tuesday showed staff at their Milwaukee abortion clinic agreeing to cover up the sexual abuse of a purportedly 14-year-old girl by her 31-year- old "boyfriend," Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin says they "were unable to make any report" of the suspected abuse because the girl would not give the clinic any identifying information.

The videotape proves otherwise. The girl gave her name to the PP 'counselor.'

Wisconsin law requires reporting of any sexual assault, and under Wisconsin law, intercourse with a 14-year-old is a sexual assault. No 'ifs/ands/buts' about it.

It's up to Chisholm to review the evidence and issue charges.


Al said...

But will he do anything about it is the question?

Michael J. Mathias said...

This group has a history of being wrong in their claims, but if we're talking about issuing charges, I'm still waiting to hear about any action at all taken against the Milwaukee Archdiocese...or Boston...or Seattle...or LA. Oh, and will the Panzer Pope express anything but regret regarding the situation in Ireland? Let's not hold our breath.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Oh, are a very funny guy. Pretty sure this post was not about Catholics, it was about the failure of Planned Parenthood to report sexual abuse of a minor....or are you in favor of minors being abused?

So, who would Chisolm lay charges against in the Catholic Church? The Pope? jurisdiction, I suppose. Maybe the Archbishop? I don't think those charges would stick. Or maybe Bush? Because I'm sure it's his fault, right?

Just asking the question, ya know.

David B said...

Michael, were the wrong about the failure to report rape of a 13 year old in Bloomington? The 13 year old in Inianapolis? The 15 Year old in Tucson? The 15 year old in Phoenix? The 14 year old in Birmingham?

Billiam said...

I'd say line up the number of teachers charged with child molestation, then line up the priests. Which number would be larger? It's being addressed. Slowly, but it is. So drop the crap Michael and deal with the subject at hand. As to PP, the left will defend them no matter what.

neomom said...

Because its far more important to let an abused girl kill her baby without any support network than to try and get her help to deal with the abuse.

Yup - Them's some awesome priorities there.

Dad29 said...

I'll pile on to Mikie.

The videotape is pretty solid, Mike. I don't know what Chisholm will do--my hunch is that he'll have some pretty pointed talks with PP/Milwaukee. Charges? Flip of the coin. It's serious stuff--an MPS teacher who ignored such evidence would be de-licensed and likely do at LEAST probation.

As to Ireland, your understanding of the Church is imperfect. The Pope already gave the Irish bishops an earful, but it's up to them to pay the price, as it were. He's not "in charge" of Ireland, any more than he was of Milwaukee.

And about Milwaukee: it was the DA here, McCann, who decided to bury a lot of the incidents (but not ALL of them.) McCann was informed by Weakland, you know.

McCann, by the way, is a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! BTW, just out of curiousity, does the Medical College turn down donations from Catholics? 'Cause, you know, we're wrong about so many things, and why should the MCW be burdened by such tainted $.

BTW, have you thought up a similarly offensive (and massively inaccurate) nickname for leaders of any other denominations. 'Cause, you know, Islam, for instance, treats women so well. So, let's hear your thoughts on that. 'Cause it's all about "Choice"

grumps said...

So, let's see. A not-14 year old falsely says she had consensual intercourse with an adult while falsely representing her situation and surreptitiously taping her lies. Then her employer files a false police report--remember that there was no actual crime--and you guys want to see what exactly?

Does America now turn into Gotcha Nation with citizens lying to one another for their cellphone cameras hoping to catch one another in something?

Live Action's editted video shows nothing about the good works of Planned Parenthood across the globe but rather shows that it's possible to catch an inaction on video. More piffle.

You want charges? How about obstructing justice for filing the false report of a rape? Let's start there and see where it leads.

David B said...

If you protect those that allow for the rapes of children, then what does that make you?

neomom said...

If Planned Parenthood wants us all to focus on their good deeds, they could start by stopping how they push abortions and following the law as it pertains to minors.

The worker didn't know it was a sting. And there are videos like this from PP offices all over the country - making this their SOP, not an aberation. Those videos show counseling of these young girls on lying about statutory rape and sexual abuse and advising them on how to get around parental notification laws. Nowhere is there any type of actual, you know, counseling for these girls.

Dad29 said...

A not-14 year old falsely says she had consensual intercourse with an adult while falsely representing her situation and surreptitiously taping her lies.

The "must report" aspect of State law does not allow judgments by the reporter on whether/not the witness is credible.

That's for the cops or DA to decide.