Thursday, February 25, 2010

DHS "Losses"

Seems that Big Sis (Napolitano) has more to worry about than anti-abortion demonstrators, or NRA members.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) lost 1,975 items worth $7.6 million, including nearly 600 computers, dozens of Blackberry phones and 300 pieces of expensive night vision goggles, sights and cameras, each valued at between $1,400 and $18,700. One lost "infrared optical device" was valued at $232,000. The agency lost track of 72 personal radiation detectors valued at about $1,300 each.

Among CBP's roughly 550 "lost" computer items was a Storage Area Network system that had been purchased for $871,236. A similar system, worth only $528,359, was also listed as "lost." CBP told Shepherd that the items had been exchanged with their vendor for new ones, but that the exchange had not been properly documented.

"Lost" my butt. Those goodies are on someone's closet shelf.

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