Friday, February 19, 2010

For You Ladies

Well, all two of you who read this blog.

If it is my Constitutional right and freedom to kill my child through abortion, then I’d rather be a slave to my Catholic Faith. If it is my right and freedom to dress and act provocative, then I’d rather be considered a prude. If it is my right and freedom to sterilize myself through contraception, then I’d rather be fruitful. If it is my right and freedom to become some “thing”, a sexual object, then I’d rather become some “one”, deserving of dignity. ---Leah Darrow

Ms. Darrow was a contestant on "Next Top Model" (hit the link to see a pic) and recently decided to re-affirm more important things--thus the above quotation.



neomom said...

I must be one of those two. While I am not Catholic (LCMS Lutheran - the original Protestants), I welcome all messages like the one Ms. Darrow is trying to deliver to our teen girls.

I have two daughters - the oldest not yet a teen - and I am already seeing the impact of pop culture on their self-images. It's mortifying.

The clothes they put on the store racks for these children is appalling. I simply dread trying to find something age appropriate for them. Sorry Fashion World, tweenies don't need high heels, low-cut shirts or mini-skirts.

Thank God for school uniforms.

Amy said...

That pretty much sums it up for me. I've seen what the world offers and calls freedom; I choose to reject it.

Simple living said...

OK. You must three readers.
I also find it difficult to find nice clothes for my 8 year old. I thank God she is a tom boy and we shop in the boys section. Why are we selling bra and pantie sets to 2nd graders? I've asked at Kohls and the sales clerks don't know. Someone must be buying these clothes.

Dad29 said...

It's just asinine to be selling that stuff to 8-yo girls.

My daughters know...if I don't like the neckline, I'll fix it with duct tape.

No, I am not kidding.

neomom said...

Actually Barbara, I don't think anyone is buying "those" clothes. If you look at the prosti-tot rack and the bra/panty sets, they are full. Any rack that has anything resembling age-appropriate is picked over like a Thanksgiving turkey carcass at the end of the day.

Dad... LOVE the duct tape. How appropriately mortifying for them. :-)