Thursday, February 25, 2010

Damn Near Russia Strikes---Hard

Evidently the Wisconsin DNR is very interested in snowmobiling.

The story is here (HT: Berry) and there's this very interesting .....uhhhhnnn....contradiction from DNR officials.

First part:

Tom Wrasse, conservation warden supervisor from Woodruff, was one who served on the task force during Cruiserfest. He said he knew nothing about the incident involving Ellenbecker and other vintage snowmobile drivers.

"I think it had to have been another law enforcement agency that was in contact with them because no member of our task force was at that location," Wrasse said.

Wrasse also said it has been his experience in similar situations that he and others would have allowed the people to drive their vintage snowmobile back to their hotel.

Got that? Good. Here's the second part:

[Todd] Schaller [section chief] said DNR personnel were well within their rights when they ordered the riders of vintage snowmobiles to stop and not drive them any farther. He said they did nothing wrong by also not allowing the owners of the machines to drive them back to their hotel and instead ordering them to be loaded onto a trailer to be removed.

Evidently Schaller did not get the memo that 'DNR personnel were not in that area.'

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Billiam said...

You can always rely on the brown shirts, good little bundists that they are.