Sunday, February 28, 2010

More on Gamaliel, WISDOM, and JOSHUA

Interesting stuff from Green Bay.

At a Jan. 16 meeting at Green Bay's Union Congregational Church, the state director of WISDOM, an umbrella group for JOSHUA and 10 sister units, was asked what most influenced the operation of the organization. "First, Saul Alinsky; second, the Civil Rights movement and third, labor organizations," he said.

...Alinsky started the Industrial Areas Foundation to accept organizing funds from other foundations, his wealthy friends, churches and corporations. It exists today.

The Gamaliel Foundation was created by Gregory Galluzzo and is cut from the same cloth as the IAF. Gamaliel's Web site says it "is an organizing institute that brings together communities of people living out our faith and values to bring about justice and collectively transform our society." The organization envisions units in every metropolitan area and would break down whatever local ordinances it deemed in opposition to its socialistic goals.

Plenty of money involved here:

Across the state, WISDOM has about 140 member congregations and an annual operating budget of about $700,000. Thus most of its income is from sources such as foundations, corporations or individuals.

And the better idea:

The feeling here is that monies paid to WISDOM/ Gamaliel by JOSHUA and its sister organizations are better spent at home. The $40,000 WISDOM forwards to Gamaliel would be welcomed at the nearest homeless shelter, Boys and Girls Club or American Red Cross chapter. And local congregations would know with more certainty exactly where their funds were spent.


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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Christian churches have been infoltrated by the Left for over 50myears now. during the Vietnam War, leftist cowards avoided serving by, among other things, entering the ministry. They are now in positions of leadership. They are atheists at best. Consequently, these types of organizations (i.e. WISDOM) have a seat at the table. Christian churches are in conditions as bad as the public schools.

Dad29 said...

Yup. Fortunately, an ever-increasing number of Catholic Bishops is catching on to the problem.

Not yet 'critical mass,' but it's happening.

Wis Synod Lutherans never got that disease, and it Missouri Synod is not totally infected with it, either.

Sheila said...

I sure would like to know where you get your numbers. I am working from Eau claire and want to know more of what JONAH is giving.