Friday, February 19, 2010

Lunatic of Austin a TeaParty Guy? Nope.

Malkin notes that it took about 30 seconds for the slurs to begin.

...within minutes of the story breaking, a furious, left-wing blogger at the popular Daily Kos website – where countless Democrat leaders have guest-posted – fumed: “Teabagger terrorist attack on IRS building.” The article immediately cast blame on the anti-tax Tea Party movement: “After months of threats on the United States government, and government institutions, the Anti-Government forces known as the teabaggers have struck with their first 911 (sic) inspired terrorist attack.”

Umnnnhhhh....sorry. The guy was just a lunatic (and a rabid anti-Catholic.)

This nutball had deadly grudges that transcended partisan lines.

Citing the Communist Manifesto with approval?

Not in the TEA Party stylebook, folks.

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J. Strupp said...

.....people can politicize anything dadster. I'm sure someone somewhere is trying to link this goofball with the DNC or something too.