Friday, February 26, 2010

The Mentally-Challenged Greenies

You have to see this to believe it.

“If the U.S. puts a limit on carbon pollution from dirtier sources of energy, we will send a clear signal to the marketplace that will unleash a massive wave of private investment in clean energy that would allow us to compete with the Chinese. Only when American policy creates a profit motive for investors, inventors and entrepreneurs, will we have a chance to win the race,” --Tony Kreindler, Environmental Defense Fund

In other words, placing a ~$9.4Billion tax on US industry will make US manufacturing 'competitive' with PRC manufacturers, who have no such burden (nor OSHA, nor healthcare, nor pensions, nor EEOC....)


On Wednesday, [Obama] told the Business Roundtable: “A competitive America is also an America that finally has a smart energy policy. We know there is no silver bullet here – that to reduce our dependence on oil and the damage caused by climate change, we need more production, more efficiency, and more incentives for clean energy.

“But to truly transition to a clean energy economy, I’ve also said that we need to put a price on carbon pollution

Or something like that, anyway.


Tim Morrissey said...

And, on top of what you've posted, China is about to overtake the US for the lead in producing "green" energy...AND "green energy equipment" - a $63 BILLION dollar market.

The new Ingeteam (corporation based in Spain) wind turbine plant in Milwuakee (Mequon) will create about 275 jobs by 2015.

Green energy or black energy, the bulk of the jobs will be created not by Spanish conglomerates, but by SMALL businesses....

Could somebody explain this to the gang in DC?

TerryN said...

It's been explained a thousand times. They aint lissening.

Dad29 said...

The reason that PRC will 'take the lead' is simple: US companies are subcontracting the work to PRC.

Cost matters.

BillT said...

Yup. And 80% of the $11 billion greenbacks Obie recently mandated be invested in "renewable energy" -- i.e., wind farms -- went to the PRC, 'cuz that's where those specific wind turbines were manufactured.

But, to be fair, Obama's Jobs Stimulus Program *is* creating jobs.

In China...