Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bishop of Green Bay Raises Questions About Alinskyites

Happy to see this happen.

Two interfaith groups will meet Wednesday to talk about concerns about their associations raised by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.

Those would be "ESTHER" and "JOSHUA."

...the Green Bay diocese has signaled concern about Catholics associating with the interfaith groups because of their ties to state and national organizations that take stances the church thinks run counter to its teachings.

Bishop David Ricken has asked the Catholic members of ESTHER and JOSHUA to meet with him March 24 to discuss their membership in the groups, and he’s asked the interfaith groups to sever ties to their state organization, a move that caught members by surprise. Catholic churches make up half of the corporate membership of ESTHER and JOSHUA.

We've mentioned that these groups are Alinskyites, affiliates of the Industrial Areas Foundation.

There is nothing, whatsoever, 'Catholic' about IAF.

Thanks, Bp. Ricken!!

HT: FoxPolitics

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