Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Doylet Line's "Yahara Station" Alternative

In the continuing saga of 'how to flush $800 MILLION down the toilet,' we find that an alternative stop in Madison has been discussed.

The "Yahara Station" idea would move the Doylet Line's Madison stop from the airport (~5 miles from the Capitol) to the area of 1st St. at Washington.


THAT'S a real improvement.

Last night I clocked the distance from the "Yahara Station" to the Capitol.

It's only 1.8 miles.

Think Ricky Pimentel of the JS would hoof it that far? Or Jagler of the BizTimes? Or the lobbyists?

Oh, by the way: the Capitol is several MILES from the real business center of Madison, which is actually in the Middleton area--further from both Yahara AND the airport.

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Tim Morrissey said...

This post should be given wide distribution among the "hidden mayors" who "run" Madison; but common sense is in pretty short supply among them.

Gotta have that choo-choo....