Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can You Say "Forever"?

Tommy Thompson's "Stick It To 'Em!!" is becoming forever.

The Miller Park stadium district received just over $1.85 million in sales-tax collections from December 2009, 18% below the same time period a year ago, new figures show.

For all of 2009, the district finished the year 9.45% behind 2008's sales-tax collection amount. The district collected $24.16 million in 2009; in 2008, $26.68 million was collected.

...the bottom line is that the district will not be able to retire the tax in 2014, as had been hoped. The new sunset year could be as late as 2018.

What's that phrase? "Tax Hell"....yah.


Display Name said...

Who can forget the way the Republican Party of Wisconsin fought against this, and the way they fought all those room-tax and help-the-Dells initiatives?

Tim Morrissey said...

Good lord...what kind of interest rate are they paying on that debt?

Unknown said...

Who has ever seen a tax that sunsetted except the automatic gas tax that Tom Reynolds defeated?