Friday, February 19, 2010

The REAL Partisans in Madistan

Who are the REAL partisans in Madistan? Rep. Nygren (R), narrates a story about a bill. In the story, the Democrat Party covers itself with shame (or worse--take your pick.)

...My bill sat on the desk of the Democrat leadership in the Assembly for months; since October of 2009 in fact. Eight session days came and went with no vote on my bill. Why? Because there was a Republican author (me) on the bill. I know this is the case because Democrat lawmakers admitted it to me. The leadership of their party wanted the bill for themselves.

I was not about to let this noble piece of legislation die because of party politics. So, in an effort to pass the bill, I gave the legislation to a Democrat Representative and endorsed that new bill. I again worked to pass the bill and this week my efforts paid off. The new bill was brought forward to be voted on in the full Assembly.

I thought the party politics were over, but to my dismay they came to play again. The Democrat leadership refused to pass the Assembly version of the bill that included my endorsement and instead passed the Senate bill that did not include my name as an author.

I am pleased that the bill passed because it is a good piece of legislation. I voted for it in the end because it was the right thing to do for my constituents....

Nygren also asserts that the reverse was NOT true when the (R) boyzzzz held the majority.

Not that long ago, 'the interests of the people' were paramount.

HT: FoxPolitics


Tim Morrissey said...

Since when have "the interests of the people" ever been "paramount" in that snake-pit hell-hole at the top of State Street?


Badger Catholic said...

Like a mob boss.