Monday, February 22, 2010

No, You Won't "Keep Your Health Plan"

Obamamamama's decided to stop playing hide-and-seek with his Statist intentions.

The Senate bill includes a “grandfather” policy that allows people who like their current coverage, to keep it. The President’s Proposal adds certain important consumer protections to these “grandfathered” plans. Within months of legislation being enacted, it requires plans to cover adult dependents up to age 26, prohibits rescissions, mandates that plans have a stronger appeals process, and requires State insurance authorities to conduct annual rate review, backed up by the oversight of the HHS Secretary. When the exchanges begin in 2014, the President’s Proposal adds new protections that prohibit all annual and lifetime limits, ban pre-existing condition exclusions, and prohibit discrimination in favor of highly compensated individuals. Beginning in 2018, the President’s Proposal requires “grandfathered” plans to cover proven preventive services with no cost sharing.

Oh, yes, "consumer protections," said the Grandmama with the extraordinarily large teeth.

Those 'protections' are designed to terminate-with-prejudice the health insurance industry within 10 years or so. Expanded coverage, 'controls' on rate increases, mandated pre-existing coverages, (etc.) will singly or in combination demolish "your health plan."

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