Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Hermeneutic of Rupture

Very interesting history here.

That same year, [1965] my mother helped put together a supplement to the magazine, [National Review] a collection of essays called “What in the name of God is going on in the Catholic Church?”, including contributions by novelist Evelyn Waugh, historian Fr. Marvin O’Connell, and Garry Wills. In an essay called “Open Season On the Church?”, NR’s religion editor Will Herberg, a conservative Jew, correctly predicted that ‘aggiornamento’ would soon lead to what we now call ‘the hermeneutic of rupture,’ well before the close of Vatican II. “Under cover of ‘aggiornamento’, a fronde (i.e. a civil war) has been opened up against the Church.” And, after severe criticism of some of NR’s own writings on then-current Church events, he adds, “I will not permit myself to comment on Ramparts, another ‘Catholic’ journal practicing aggiornamento. Anti-clerical snarling and leftist incitement constitute the bulk of the offerings of this sensation-mongering Liberal magazine. And all in the name of aggiornamento!”

Almost makes you wonder if Ratzinger was a subscriber, no?


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Should have read this one first. Kinda helps make my point.

Dad29 said...

Well, if you were Satan, what would YOU want to take down first?

Planned Parenthood, or the Church(es)?

Ymar Sakar said...

No reason to take down either one. Just infiltrate both, and use them to fund each other.