Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pithy Take on ObamaCare V 3.0: It's Socialism

From the Yankee:

[Because he's a] corrupt politician from a corrupt political machine, Obama's "solution" seems patterned on the protection racket you see in organized crime, squeezing companies and the American people dry as he tries to profit from a problem he and his political allies created.

And he goes the final yard, calling Obama's flogging of Anthem for what it really is:

His pedophile mentor Frank Marshal Davis was a radical communist. His neighbor, alleged book doctor, fellow board member and fundraiser Bill Ayers is a murderous Marxist who hoped to put tens of millions of Americans in concentration camps in the American southwest. His pastor and mentor of more than two decades is a racial separatist and socialist, as is another one of his Chicago allies, the lynching-advocate [alleged "Catholic" Fr.] Michael Pfleger.

So I'm not the least bit surprised to find that Barack Obama has announced a health care rationing solution on par with what you would expect from a petty tyrant like Castro or Chavez.

The color of his flag is red. No stars, no stripes.

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