Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rome Opens Door to Anglicans' TAC, UPDATED

Wow. (See update/link below)

In a surprise announcement this morning, the Vatican opened the door to groups of Anglicans - including potentially whole parishes or even entire Anglican dioceses - who are seeking communion with the Catholic Church while keeping their unique Anglican liturgical and pastoral traditions. The creation of new "canonical structures" to achieve this, Vatican officials said, comes in response to "hundreds" of requests by Anglicans from around the world who maintain the traditional moral teachings of Christianity.

Those 'hundreds' of requests come from Anglicans who are convinced that Rowan Williams and his immediate predecessors gave the wrong answers on some serious questions.

Cardinal Levada said that the requests had come from Anglicans who had come to realize the need for a "Petrine ministry," that is, the ministry of the papacy, whereby doctrinal and disciplinary matters can be decided authoritatively. Major issues for those making the requests, Levada said, have been the decision of the Anglican churches to ordain women as clergy and bishops and, most recently, the decision by some provinces of the Anglican communion to give "approval to homosexual activity, such as the ordination of clergy who are practicing homosexuals or the 'blessing' of homosexual unions."

It's also a slapdown of Cdl W. Kasper, who has been doing his best to stiff-arm Anglicans seeking to swim the Tiber.

...At the launch of a book on the ecumenical movement, Kasper said that the churchmen involved "are pleasantly surprised for all that has been achieved in these years." Moreover, Kasper made a point of adding at the time, "We are not fishing in the Anglican lake."

Nevertheless, Cardinal Levada said today that, while the "ecumenical work will still go on," there are prelates who believe that after decades of talk, little that is concrete has been achieved and that the "goal [of the movement] has receded."

Kasper may well be pleased; the jaw-jaw circuit includes good food and nice accomodations.

Arguably the most comprehensive coverage is here.

Not surprisingly, he has a lot of questions, and (surprisingly) there are VERY few answers.

A tease: Finally, it seemed quite odd that the text of the document that the press conference was held to present was... not presented!


Amy said...

That is a bold move but I still think they just let priests get married.

GOR said...

As with Summorum Pontificum, the Holy Father has done an end run around the bishops - and in this case all those involved in the 'ecumenical' talk-fest of the past forty years.

As much as to say: "Enough wishy-washy talk and watering down of the doctrinal differences. Let's get on with bringing souls back to the True Church!"

I'm sure not a few bishops - especially in Britain - are apoplectic over this...

Ad multos annos, Sancte Pater!

Anonymous said...

The Anglican church as been accepting disaffected Catholic priests for years. As an Episcopalian (still Anglican catholic for the time being) I must wonder how many priests will trade their pensions for their principals. But if they think that the anti-woman, anti-gay Catholic Church is the truth and the way of the future, I say go for it!

Dad29 said...

Anony, I'll leave that comment b/c it's iconic, not b/c it's even remotely accurate...

Dave said...

Note on the "Amy" posted above: she's not the Amy who normally posts here. In fact, she's been talking trash on a lot of other blogs. Please be aware of that if/when you reply. Thanks.

RAG said...

I was wondering what your take is on this...certainly interesting and provocative

Anonymous said...

The most comprehensive coverage link you provide is excellent. It's called FAIR reporting. Try it sometime, you THEOCRAT.

Interesting quote here--

A journalist from France asked what would happen if a married bishop in the Anglican Church becomes a Catholic. "Could he become a married Catholic bishop?" she asked.

"This does not provide for married bishops," Levada said, "respecting the long historical tradition of both the West and the East in which bishops were celibate. As for priests, many are asking, if these married Anglicans can be [Catholic] priests, what about us? The Church has now, over the past number of years, dispensed (in the case of married Anglican priests who became Catholics) from the discipline that only unmarried men can be Catholic priests. When the Church deals with these cases, it is an exception…"

Dad29 said...

Umnnhhh...Anony.....this is NOT a news-reporting site.

You want "news," try a newspaper.

Dave said...


Why don't you make an attempt to blog under a name, you gutless coward?

GOR said...

"Finally, it seemed quite odd that the text of the document that the press conference was held to present was... not presented!"

Yes, the timing was strange, given that the document wasn't forthcoming at the press conference. Additionally, there was little advance notice to local hierarchies that might be most affected by this - e.g. Britain.

Maybe a little 'Vatican strategy' as in being "wise as serpents and harmless as doves"...?

Anonymous said...

"Why don't you make an attempt to blog under a name, you gutless coward?"

Ahh, yes, free speech is alive and well. That is my right to post anonymously, especially if the option is given. So why didn't your MESSIAH address the quotation specifically?