Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Purchase the Docs? It's An Illusion

Fraud-by-Democrat is not just Jim Doyle's playbook.

Democrats’ bid to shore up support for a health-care overhaul among seniors and doctors with a $247 billion package of deficit spending on Medicare is looking pretty fishy.

What the (DFrauds) want to do is NOT reduce Medicare spending by $247Bn. And they want to do it with a single-purpose separate bill.

Medicare's reimbursement schedule calls for a 21% drop in payments to doctors beginning in January. Top Democrats are proposing to upend that arrangement and instead freeze doctor payments at this year's level for the next decade. They seek to do so in a bill -- separate from the overhaul legislation -- that they said would shore up the government health program for the elderly.

That will make ObamaCare "deficit neutral," even though it's not. Not even Baucus had the nerve to pull this BS:

The health bill approved by the Senate Finance Committee would have suspended the cuts for one year, at a cost of $11 billion. That was paid for in the context of the larger health overhaul bill.

And the assertion that 'it's paid for.....larger context' is, of course, a lie--if you run the numbers past the neatly-artificial "10 year projection" which Baucus & Co. imposed.

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neomom said...

So, I sorta get why Feingold voted No on this, but why would Kohl? Or is he just becoming Feingold's puppy-dog?