Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As the Administration Turns....

Roeser has some VERY interesting observations, as usual.

One of particular note, supported by remarks earlier in the essay:

...Hillary Clinton is distinctive because it's clear that in contradistinction to the president, Emanuel and Axelrod, she is an American patriot. ... It would be wise of her to resign her post and return to New York and prepare to run for the governorship. The salivating heir apparent-wannabe to the highly incompetent David Paterson who said originally that he had never wished to be governor is Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the lean and hungry Cassius. Hillary Clinton could likely take the nomination from Cuomo. If elected governor, she would be in a much better situation from which to be a valuable independent critic of the hugely incompetent Obama. Age 62 now, she could make a run for the presidential nomination in 2012 against Obama when she would be 65. Or if she chose to be decorously loyal, she could run against a likely Republican president in 2016 when she would be 69-just under the age Ronald Reagan was when he took the oath the first time: 70.


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