Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feds Screw Up Swine Flu Vaccine Deliveries Badly

UPDATE: It's even worse than first reported:

Milwaukee health officials say they will have only 7,000 doses of swine flu vaccine available at a vaccination clinic Friday, fewer than the 12,000 officials thought earlier this week they would have.

The Obama Administration is responsible for ordering, manufacturing, and distribution of swine-flu vaccinations.

And they aren't doing very well at all.

Sykes interviewed the City of Milwaukee's Health Commissioner, who told Sykes that he has about 12,500 doses of the stuff--and only a few hundred of them are 'injectable.' (Nothing online at his site as of this post.)

There's been a "delay" in shipping the vaccine. There are no projections as to when the vaccine may become available.

But to get a sense of how badly Obama & Co. have SNAFUd this deal, the entire State of Wisconsin has received only 250,000 doses to date, and the City of Milwaukee, the LARGEST City in the State, has only received 12,500--about 5% of the State's allocation.


J. Strupp said...

The Obama administration is not responsible for the manufacturing of vaccine.

Dad29 said...

They assumed responsibility for ALL direction--ordering/quantities, distribution, etc.

No, they do not operate the plants.

But they sure haven't done a good job of the parts they ARE directly responsible for, have they?

J. Strupp said...

I agree with that.