Monday, October 26, 2009

Obama Loves Barrett for Gov. So What?


As Mayor Tom Barrett dilly-dallies over whether he should run for governor next year, he now must take this into consideration: The White House badly wants him to enter the race for Wisconsin's top job.

...White House officials have repeatedly made it very clear that the Obama administration is on board with the mayor.

How nice.

No real surprise, of course, but think of it this way:

Does being "Obama's Guy" really help Barrett?

Another question: Does being "Doyle's Guy" really help Barrett?

If Barrett is hyped by SEIU (which shares more than just a New Orleans address with ACORN) does that really help Barrett? What about AFSCME? Since their wages & benefits far outstrip private-industry wages/benefits in SE Wisconsin, will that really help Barrett?

Tom's taking his time for good reason. With all those friends, he certainly doesn't need an opponent, too.

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