Friday, October 23, 2009

Feingold's Non-Fact Assertions on HealthCare

A couple of days ago a friend sent along a "response" from Herb Kohl on the healthcare issue.

Now he sent Feingold's "response" too. Besides the new wrinkle of "investment" mentioned below, Feinie dissembled in the usual (D) fashion.

A few out-takes w/responses:

It is far past time for Congress to ensure all Americans have guaranteed, affordable, high-quality health care

And you are given that mandate by what provision of the Constitution, Senator???

Our country spends $5,670 per capita annually on health care...Despite this spending, we are not healthier than those other countries

FAIL Logic 101. Outcomes have nothing to do with expenditures, Senator. This response is demeaning to your office and your alleged IQ.

...we still have more than 46 million Americans - including eight million children - who do not have health insurance

Actually, Senator, they are NOT all "Americans." Even Obama gave up on that. Get with the program and get an updated form letter.

...reforming health care is necessary to getting health spending under control.

True dat. Ever hear of Paul Ryan? Wyden-Bennett?

...initial investments can be at least partially offset by addressing current overpayments, waste, and fraud in the system,...

And the Feds have done SUCH good work on overpay/waste/fraud so far, Senator!!

For example, by adopting the Wisconsin model for health care delivery, taxpayers will save billions of dollars

You mean the model whereby dental care is no longer available, Senator? And where enrollments are now suspended b/c there are "budget problems"? THAT Wisconsin model?

Altogether, Senator Feingold's response is not worthy of the office.

And you may note that Feinie didn't bother to mention at-the-point-of-a-gun-you-WILL-pay-for-abortions.

Wonder why the Great Civil Libertarian ignored that? (/sarcasm)

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