Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here's an Idea: DUMP the Solar Plan!

We had warned you about Diamond Jim Doyle's "plan" to make Wisconsin a wasteland.

The Governor’s Task Force on Global Warming recommended utilities continue [solar power] programs offering buyback incentives for customers, but Soletski said the lawmakers drafting a bill based on those recommendations are grappling with where to place the financial burden

Soletski (Dumbcluck-GreenBay) is a bozo. The "financial burden" will either land on Wisconsin residents or Wisconsin residents. (A third alternative is Wisconsin residents.)

“It’s a numbers game that we still have to come up with the answer for,” said state Rep. Jim Soletski, D-Green Bay. “Is it reasonable for us to continue making utilities foot the bill? This will be showing up in rates somewhere. Or is it better for us to subsidize solar programs?”

No, Jimmy-poo. What's actually reasonable is to DUMP the PLAN.

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