Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wiggy on Lawton

Wiggy makes a few good points while discussing E. Gunn's lecture on WisPolitics.

The central issue is Jerry Bader’s credibility, not the credibility of talk radio or the blogs. Bader insisted in the podcast he was being factual and not speculating. He also said there was physical evidence. Bader’s radio station is not exactly a ham radio outfit, so it wasn’t as if Bader’s statement didn’t carry some semblance of a media outlet’s credibility. He also has “mainstream” media credentials given his experience as a news director of WHBL for 16 years. Milwaukee Magazine (where Gunn normally writes the Pressroom column) thought Dan Shelley’s eleven years as a news director was credible enough when Shelley dished dirt on Charlie Sykes

After he runs Gunn's quotation of an editor, he then asks:

Bader specifically said there was physical evidence to back up the statements in his podcast. Given that, how does Smalley’s quote apply to anything? It would have served Gunn better if he asked Smalley what if a reporter had “sources” who had evidence of an affair and possible blackmail? How many sources would he need? Would he need ne of them on the record? What kind of evidence would Smalley need to see personally?

In a related post, Bader's on-the-job tutor first vouches for Bader's ability and his work-product, then gets sorta sanctimonious about what woulda/coulda/shoulda happened.

Well, if Bader was that well-trained, and if Bader had done 20++ years of excellent journalism, what changed?

Further, the tutor states that 'Bader was burned by Republican operatives.'

Really? How does he KNOW that?

Ms. Lawton deserves apologies. But there are still a lot of questions which should be answered.


Display Name said...

How does he KNOW that?

Well, he read their blogs.

Tim Morrissey said...

I didn't "state" that Bader was spun by Rep. operatives, Dad - I suggested it was possible. BIG difference. But then I've had the training. Have you?

I like your stuff.

Dad29 said...

No training. More fun to toss a bomb now and then...

What, precisely, supports your "thinking"?

B/C I think it was Democrat operatives.

Anonymous said...

"Milwaukee Magazine ... thought Dan Shelley’s eleven years as a news director was credible enough when Shelley dished dirt on Charlie Sykes."

DaddyZero, you're an absolute riot! Shelley wrote about how a Republican right-wing party-line windbag gets his material while Jerry "Master" Bader fantasized about the Lt. Governor's alleged lesbian relationship(s).

These two angles aren't even remotely comparable. It's not like Shelley talked about Sykes zipper issues -- he has, after all, been married thrice and divorced twice.

When are you going to confront your own sinful behavior, Zero? You know -- you preach the Roman party line and then hop on the Lt. Governor like she was the worst of the Philistines. Shouldn't you put on the hair shirt for a half hour or so? Don't you owe a couple Hail Mary's?

What gives? You preach it but you sure as hell don't live it, do you? Man up -- if you can!

Display Name said...

Self-examination is far more difficult than fantasizing about which cardinal is getting a bigger office.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, John. DaddyZero can identify the splinter in your eye more easily than he can find the log in his own.