Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Behavioral ObamaCare: AIDS Good, Smoking Bad

You knew this was coming.

Under the Senate Finance Committee version of the health-care bill, health insurance companies would be allowed to charge tobacco users premiums up to 50 percent higher than those of non-users, while marijuana and crack cocaine smokers could not be penalized with higher premiums

Not limited to tobacco use, however:

According to provisions spelled out in the Senate Finance Committee’s summary of the bill–the so-called “chairman’s mark”–insurance issuers selling policies to individuals could only vary premiums based on three characteristics: tobacco use, age and family composition.
Specifically, it says premiums could vary “by no more than the ratio specified” for each characteristic:
– Tobacco use: 1.5 to 1–
Age: 4 to 1

Behavior leading to the onset of AIDS will not be penalized, either!

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