Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Uncle Jimbo's Not-So-Love Letter

AOSHQ contributor Uncle Jimbo has a message for the Euroweenie crapweasel who hypothesizes that Predator strikes on terrorists in Afghanistan may constitute death-penalty-without-trial.

Dear Eurocrat weasel,

If there are international humanitarian or human rights laws that you think impact our right to kill terrorist ass clowns anywhere we find them on Earth, then I suggest you print out a copy, roll it up real tight and poke yourself in the eye with it. We do not recognize your right to castrate us, and even though it makes you cry yourself to sleep at night, we will continue to manufacture dead tangos as quickly as we are able. We will fly drones that rain down literal Hellfire and make them explode into their component molecules. We will drop big-ass laser-guided bombs that may even take them down to the sub-atomic level. We will shoot them with sniper rifles ventilating them with .50 cal holes. We will even occasionally scarf one up and render him to certain friends of ours who will be extremely cruel to him, and maybe even waterboard him since we no longer have the stones to do that ourselves

There's nothing to add, really.

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