Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Herbie Kohl Drinks ObamaCare KoolAde

A friend sent along a Herbie Kohl letter about ObamaCare. Excerpts:

...I believe reform should include some sort of public plan to provide more choices and competition

...When we do have a full package to debate in the Senate, I will examine it carefully to ensure that it will reduce the skyrocketing cost of health care, improve quality, and expand coverage to most, if not all Americans.

Herbie's kidding, of course. There is no way to add 20++ million people to coverage AND 'reduce cost, improve quality...'

...What I heard from the witnesses confirmed my belief that we must move towards a health care system that pays for value not volume, does not deny care when people become sick, eliminates fraud and waste, and emphasizes prevention and wellness programs.

The last red-highlight implies that Herbie thinks testing for problems is a cost-saver. It's not.

In the past year alone, the Senate has held nearly 150 bi-partisan meetings among the Committees with legislative jurisdiction.

Too bad the Senate couldn't adopt any (R) proposals at all.......

And of course, Herbie completely avoided the questions of taxpayer-paid elective abortions and the complete lack of conscience protections.

Word has it that Herbie resumed his nap after sending the letter.

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