Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wis. DOR: "It's What WE SAY It Is. Gimme Money!"

The City of Milwaukee finds out that the Wisconsin Department of Revenue makes the rules.

When city workers cut down overgrown weeds and bill property owners for their work, they're not just controlling nuisance vegetation.

They're providing "landscaping service," says the state Department of Revenue. And they're supposed to be adding sales taxes to their bills, state auditors have told Milwaukee city officials.

Now the state has hit the city with a $208,095 bill for four years of back taxes and interest, including about $40,000 for weed removal...


...officials in the Department of Public Works believed weed removal was considered nuisance abatement, only to be told by state Revenue Department auditors that it was landscaping...

It's the Rule of Law. DofR makes the law. You just pay more.

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