Thursday, October 29, 2009

Straws in the Wind?


I had a conversation last night with a bunch of adults in their 30s--and I was startled to hear remarks to the effect that the only real hope for fixing this country is revolution. I've been hearing remarks like this for the last few months; it isn't serious discussion, of course. (If they were seriously enough concerned, and there was more than just a few, we wouldn't have this idiot Congress and President.) But it does capture some of the frustration that a lot of Americans are beginning to have with how corrupt our system has become.

By corrupt, I don't mean, "supporting left-wing policies." I mean the way in which business interests have so completely captured control of Congress--including nearly all Democrats and many Republicans--that the concerns of ordinary Americans no longer matter.

Another reason for the Pubbies to look seriously at "Pro-Market" rather than "Pro-Business" principles, folks.

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Display Name said...

"No plan," indeed. Barroom whining. "Converting both of these pigs into bacon" is the plan? Is that somehow different talk than the Sixties' "Up against the wall"?