Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tommy, We Read Bruce Murphy's Memo

Tommy Thompson, whose mirror likes him, thinks of running for Governor, again.

Yah, but Tommy, some of us read Murphy's stuff.

It’s been a field day for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporting on the huge payments going to fraudulent day care providers. But there’s really a far deeper institutional problem here, one started by former Gov. Tommy Thompson back in the 1990s, and aided and abetted by his successors, Govs. Scott McCallum and Jim Doyle, ...

Naturally, Tommy devised a program which spent a LOT of money. That's his specialty!!

When W-2 was created, the goal was to force all these women to get jobs. But just what jobs would be available that they could do? The answer was day care. In essence, the state would pay women to swap their children. They could run day care programs out of their homes and get paid to take care of each other’s kids, though they may have no degree and no training in how to run a day care. Incredibly enough, under the system Thompson set up, it was all perfectly legal.

It was also far more expensive. The average state payment for one child receiving day care under Wisconsin Shares is about $480 month;
if two mothers with three kids swap their kids and start a day care, they would each earn $17,280 annually – or 222 percent more than they would have received under AFDC.

Let's never forget that TT expanded State Government payrolls more than ANY Governor in history.

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GOR said...

It never ceases to amaze me how politicians and 'celebrities' appear to be "legends in their own mind". Of course when you are surrounded by yes-men who only tell you what you want to hear, I suppose it is inevitable.

Back when Tommy entered the presidential primaries I was speechless. What made him think that he had a snowball's chance in hell of getting the nomination??? Heck, half the people in WI wouldn't have voted for him! And he didn't exactly distinguish himself at HHS, to boot.

One thinks of the Emperor's New Clothes...