Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Left Has Questions, Too

Dreher found an interesting essay from Bob Herbert (!!).

...Voters are being told that the recession is over, but what they see in their daily lives are continuing job losses, an epidemic of foreclosures, families going bankrupt, homelessness rising and so on.

The disenchantment among people who wholeheartedly supported Obama is palpable and growing. These are issues tailor-made for the Democrats. But the president and his party, rather than making the bread-and-butter issues of the American family their top domestic priority, have focused on reforming the health care system. As important as health care is (and our system is a disgrace), it was not the issue at the top of the agenda for most Americans when Barack Obama was elected president....

Herbert frets that the (D) oligarchs are blowing away their future.

He's right.

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