Thursday, October 29, 2009

DNR: "Can't Do It? Then Do It in 10 Years!"

Ah, our friendly Damn Near Russia.

This article has to do with a retention pond in Kimberly and Combined Locks. The cities cannot afford the "DNR Way." Wonder why? Read this graf slowly.

DNR officials, recognizing that many Wisconsin municipalities cannot satisfy the rule, are proposing to loosen the regulations and not penalize local governments, Baker said. It is common, he said, that the state’s clean water act requires the department set standards that exceed practical technological or financial limitations.

IOW, they are Moonbat standards which cannot be met.

What to do?

...Baker said the DNR in November will propose to the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board a revision to the state sediment rules. The revision would let communities extend their deadline by up to 10 years beyond the 2013 deadline if the municipalities are trying to satisfy the 40 percent rule, he said.

The reduction standard is there so all communities are regulated in the same way, Baker said. The flexibility is there to recognize that not all communities have the same resources, he said.

So here's the deal. Either:

1) tell DNR to stick it up their a$$ when they come by with their rules 'which exceed practical technology or financial limits' (read: utterly inane) rules, and the DNR will give you 10 more years to abide by rules 'which exceed practical technology or financial limits,' OR

2) the Legislature should tell DNR to write regs which actually DO RECOGNIZE 'practical technology or financial limits.'

We see that #1 above works. #2? Never happen in Wisconsin.

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