Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The TEA Party Revolution Rolls On!

Think those TEA Parties are just hot air?

Think again.

Seven of eight Monroe County supervisors fell Tuesday in a recall election over their support for a proposed $26.7 million justice center.

Only Carrol Wallerman of the town of Ridgeville, who represents District 11, survived the recall effort mounted by a taxpayers group whose earlier efforts to get a public referendum on the project had been rebuffed.

...Dennis Clinard, chairman of the Monroe County Taxpayers Relief Committee, said the results are a mandate for change.

"I think it sends a message, not just in this county but all across the state, that people are sick and tired of government officials ignoring the people,"

We can only hope.

Screw the bastards!

HT: FoxPolitics


Display Name said...

And what magical TEA powder will prevent these elected from turning into the same sort of politicians as the last batch?

Neomom said...

So Foust thinks the taxpayers should just sit quietly some more because the new people could eventually be just as bad as the old ones.

The TEA Party folks are going all Verizon instead...

"Can you hear us now?"

Display Name said...

No, Jennifer, I asked a question. Show me how you identify a candidate who won't turn into a politician not unlike the ones we have now. I'm asking for the plan. Show me how these new TEA-partier-approved officials will reduce taxes.

Dad29 said...

Not too surprisingly, you asked a stupid question, John.

Normal people take pols at their word, until the pols screw them over.

Then they have elections, John.

Display Name said...

Rinse, lather, repeat, is the answer, hmm?

The TEA parties are a Republican manipulation to win back seats recently filled by Democrats.

You still haven't told me how the rate of growth in spending will magically reverse itself. What's the plan? Tomorrow's oral promises are somehow different than promises from candidates in years past?