Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wisconsin, North Korea, Canada, and Cuba

Jim Doyle joins Kim and Fidel......

...Canada is one of only 3 countries where citizens are forbidden, by federal law, to pay a care giving medical facility for treatment. Hence the long waitlists. The good news is that, unlike the other two - Cuba and North Korea ...

Yah, well, in BadgerCare (Dental), one cannot pay cash to obtain service, either.


RAG said...

The Achille's Heel of the Canadian system isthe wait time for surgical procedures and those with resources often bypass the system.

Note: dental, vision and drugs are not covered. You must buy supplemental coverage.

Routine care and emergency care, however, is addressed promptly.

Again, the truth is that the Canadian system is nowhere near as good as its proponents claim and nowhere near as bad as its critics say.

krshorewood said...


2.25% of Canadians does not constitute often. In fact I'll bet if the number of Americans who have resorted to medical tourism approaches that number.