Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whole Foods' HR Policies

The CEO of Whole Foods doesn't think national-socialist ObamaCare is a good idea. So he's been raked over the coals by the usual suspects, including the UFCW.

Maybe UFCW has its own motives. Check out this (partial) list of HR policies for Whole Foods:

*Employees have full say in who they work with - a new employee must receive a 2/3 vote in order to make it past probation.

* Employees also vote on all company-wide initiatives

* There’s a salary book in every store - “no secrets” management believes everyone should know how much everyone else is making

* Executive salaries are capped at 14 times the lowest workers salary - If they want more money, everyone else has to get more money first

* Non-executive employees hold 94% of company stock options

* Pay is linked to team performance - profit sharing

* At least 5% of annual profits go to local charities

* Full-timers get 100% of their health care costs paid for - under plans the employees have selected

Not exactly the standard-fare HR policy playbook. So gee, whiz: maybe UFCW has a hard time sinking their dull-witted hooks into the chain?


Amy said...

Impressive enough that I'd consider working for Whole Foods.

From what I gathered in reading up on the boycott, even the lowest, newest ranking Whole Foods employee makes something like $12-$13/hour.

Not bad.

Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

It's a good bit out-of-the-way for me, but I'd make the trip to WF just to PO the Leftists.

Phelony Jones said...

Having their rosemary chicken for lunch