Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fascist? Statist? Nope. TAX-ist!


...the Senate [HELP bill] gives the Secretary of the Treasury (who is in charge of the IRS) the power to come up with whatever amount of taxation (euphemistically called a "shared responsibility payment") he or she deems necessary to achieve compliance with the health care mandate.


...the very nature of the tax is unrelated to the cost of coverage. It is a tax to compel compliance. So the more people resist coverage, the more discretion the IRS would have to raise taxes to achieve compliance.

This is taxation unrelated to the federal budget needs or any rational cost of providing a federal government service. It is unprecedented taxation as law enforcement tool, and a complete abdication of Congressional accountability and responsibility.

"Abdication of accountability and responsibility" is the middle name of Congress, Professor. Other than that, your estimation is dead-on.

The more one learns about ObamaCare, the more one wants to BUY MORE AMMO!!


Anonymous said...

Saw your post at Other McCain regarding Bradley Foundation. The Neocons, particulary Irving Kristol, father of William Kristol of Weekly Standard, put Mike Joyce in charge at Bradley Foundation and then got grants back. Joyce died of liver disease, perhaps due to drinking too much. Neocons like weak people they can put in positions to be manipulated for their benefit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this sounds more like a wealth distribution scheme. More socialist bullshit from Little Barry.

The ammo comment is spot on. Maybe time to upgrade to match grade.