Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cap-N-Tax: Crippling Wisconsin

You don't really need money for food, right?


You'll be paying the tax for your electricity instead.

Alliant projects that it could be saddled with higher costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars beginning in 2012. Wisconsin Energy puts the tab for its customers at $70 million to $90 million in year one, 2012, with the costs increasing each year.

Your employer, your school district, and your governments will ALSO pay that tax, courtesy of two Congresscritters--one from the East Coast, one from the Left Coast.

How long will we be able to afford that?

One more thing: supposedly this will reduce "global warming."

It won't do that, but that's only the cover story anyway. The real purpose is to enrich Goldman, Sachs and a few others--yes, AlGore--and the Federal Government.

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