Monday, August 31, 2009

Clinton's Challenge: Cui Bono?

Over the weekend, Bill Clinton remarked that it is important 'to the Democrats' to pass ObamaCare.

That's Move One in what will be the chess-game between HRC and Obama over the 2012 Democrat nomination for President, folks.

It is manifestly clear that ObamaCare--currently HR 3200) is extremely unpopular. Large numbers of people show up to oppose it; and only small numbers show up to praise it--and those small numbers show after incessant flogging by SEIU, AFSCME, UEW, and UFCW--none of which are small-number unions.

So when Bill Clinton, who has a Ph.D. in poll-reading, throws down a gauntlet at Obama, you must ask "why?" After all, when HillaryCare began to self-detonate, Bill simply walked away and went center-right, securing his re-election.

Now he DARES Obama to push on?

Waaaaayyyyyyyyy in the background, I see Lady MacClinton rubbing her hands......

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