Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Trust Government? You're Right! TEA Party Time!

TEA Parties aren't 'just about taxes.'

They are far more than that: they are about reclaiming control over a Leviathan Governmental machine created by and for the benefit of itself. That's why the Gadsden flag; the TEA Parties are not protests against ObamaCare, or Clunkers, or the parabolic increases in regulation/controls--nor even about Obama. He's merely a catalyst.

The TEA Parties are about this:

...Many of the current budget assumptions are laughably implausible. Both the White House and CBO predict that Congress will hold federal spending at the rate of inflation over the next decade. This is the same Democratic Congress that awarded a 47% increase in domestic discretionary spending in 2009 when counting stimulus funds. And the appropriations bills now speeding through Congress for 2010 serve up an 8% increase in domestic spending after inflation.

Another doozy is that Nancy Pelosi and friends are going to allow a one-third or more reduction in liberal priorities like Head Start, food stamps and child nutrition after 2011 when the stimulus expires. CBO actually has overall spending falling between 2009 and 2012...

And this:

The real fiscal crisis in Washington is that neither Congress nor the White House are offering any escape from these trillion-dollar deficits. Mr. Obama has not called for automatic and immediate spending cuts. He has not proposed eliminating hundreds of wasteful programs. To the contrary, the White House still hasn't ruled out another fiscal stimulus, as if a $1.6 trillion deficit isn't Keynesian stimulus enough. The Administration's celebrated scrub through the budget this summer identified $17 billion in agency savings. That's what Uncle Sam is borrowing every three days

More from Heritage, (HT Sykes):

While the costs of the financial bailouts and economic stimulus bills are staggering, they are only a fraction of the coming costs from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Over the next decade, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that each year Medicaid will expand by 7 percent, Medicare by 6 percent, and Social Security by 5 percent. These programs face a 75-year shortfall of $43 trillion--60 times greater than the gross cost of the $700 billion TARP financial bailout.

Heritage also mentions the Big Lie from O'ma about the Iraq War "savings." But there's more:

Federal spending per household (adjusted for inflation) remained constant at $21,000 throughout the 1980s and 1990s, before President Bush hiked it to $25,000. In 2009, Washington will spend $30,958 per household--the highest level in American history--and under President Obama's budget, the figure will rise above $33,000 by 2019.

As the budget deficit increases over the next decade, so will net interest spending, from $173 billion (1.2 percent of GDP) in 2009 to a record-level of $774 billion (3.4 percent of GDP) by 2019. In fact, net interest costs will account for 84 percent of the 2019 budget deficit. *President Obama's budget includes $1.4 trillion in tax increases, all of which would go toward new spending rather than deficit reduction

"Deficits don't matter" in the alleged minds of those who will not pay the interest...

Of course, that's mirrored in Doyle-land, where Gummint workers "sacrifice" by taking 8 days without pay, and private-sector workers take several MONTHS without pay in exchange.

Helluva trade, eh?

The outright lies and distortions told by Obama (and Doyle), with Governments circling their own wagons at the expense of the remaining taxpayers, and the callous disregard for the next two or five generations of US and Wisconsin citizens, must come to a stop. Frankly, I think Doyle quit for a good reason: there was no way to keep all the balls in the air anymore, and his massive theft-and-fraud scheme is about to crash.

Let's hope for his sake that he retires in a distant place.

One way or the other, it WILL stop. TEA Parties may well morph into something a bit more serious in order to make that happen if Obama, the Congress, and the State don't make changes.

"Incivility"? Maybe. There are times when "civility" fails. This could be one of them.


Display Name said...

This afternoon, students, we'll compare and contrast how several countries slid into fascism.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

How is this country not going in that direction, John?

In fact, I can argue that it is a deadly combination on Marxism, Facism and Socialism.

If you want that, move to Cuba already and take all of your lieberal buddies. I don't give a rip, just don't screw up my country!

Neo-Con Tastic said...

We have been civil for the last decade or so... enough is enough.

Foust, I just suggest you stay out of my way.

J. Strupp said...

Hey Neo-Con. Your buddies have been in control of the government for the last decade. What the hell are you talking about?

Neo-Con Tastic said...

I don't follow. I write "We have been civil for the last decade or so..."

Nowhere in that line did I claim to be happy or pleased with what my "buddies" have done for the past decade. Obama is simply a catalyst for this growing disgust.

Strupp, I suggest you stay out of my way too.

J. Strupp said...

Your name is neo-con tastic. I guess I made the assumption that you support the neo-conservative movement which took hold round the turn of the century.

Your treats are lame. Don't be a weirdo.

Display Name said...

Yes, you'd think "neo con tastic" would imply he likes the neocons. His threats are lame, too.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

His threats are about as lame as your weak, feeble minded liberal arguments, John.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

By the way, Foust. Why is it that conservatives can't have tea parties to protest what they see as all that is going wrong in this country with the current leadership and administration? It certainly was okay for you panty waisted liberals to protest at every chance you got about the unjust wars in the middle east. Oh, BTW, where are those panty waisted liberals now? Aren't they going to continue to protest the unjust wars in the middle east? Or aren't they going to protest because the O and Savior is running the show now. I suppose your weak, lame liberal answer is that he is cleaning up after W? But wait, didn't the O and Savior redirect the war effort to Afghanistan? And isn't he royally fucking up that effort as we speak? Typical liberal. In favor of free speech when it serves YOUR agenda. Against it when 80% of the country disagrees with ObamaCare, Cap and Tax, etc. and has the balls to step up and protest.

SconesNTea said...

I agree! The government by it's nature is not to be trusted. Bring on the tea and scones!

Display Name said...

Of course they're still protesting the way, Disgruntled.

What's with the panty obsession? You like thinking about guys in panties? Have I got a web site for you!

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

Touch a nerve there, Fousty?

Display Name said...

Not at all, DGS. I'm just wondering about your style of argument. You go right for the panties.

SconesNTea said...

I agree! The government by it's nature is not to be trusted. Bring on the tea and scones and let's start a revolution or a rally!