Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kohl and Feingold Won't Answer This Question, Either


In an extended discussion of Planned Parenthood's attack on the US Bishops (and most of the Catholics they shepherd), Dick Doerflinger makes this point:

Doerflinger said the bishops’ materials about health care reform have been centered on supporting universal coverage, but opposing mandated abortion coverage.

“She [the PP harpy] keeps talking about how we’re trying to diminish a right,” he said of Richards. “A mandate is not consistent with a personal choice. If what she’s talking about is people’s personal ability to choose whether or not to buy abortion coverage, we’re not going to oppose legislation that allows that.

We’re talking about the government mandating that people purchase abortion coverage against their will. Why would she be against that if she favors ‘choice’?

Both of Wisconsin's US Senators are openly pro-abortion. And neither of them has bothered to respond to precisely that question from Yours Truly.

Nor will they, unless they are forced to in a public forum--say a 'Town Hall' on the topic of Aborto-Facilitating "health" care.

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