Monday, August 31, 2009

NON-ObamaCare Solutions? Sure!!

Aside from at least three (R) healtcare plans and at least one bi-partisan plan, there are plenty of ideas for healthcare reform.

Torinus highlighted a couple drawn from the forum held near Wausau last week.

What does ObamaCare lack?

...No provision to deal with the $30 trillion unfunded liability for Medicare. The absence of a trust fund for Medicare makes it a Ponzi scheme, Stossel said

...No provision for allowing insurance to be sold across state lines. Gerald Frye, a benefits expert from Brookfield, said legislative mandates for coverage varied in add-on insurance costs from 8% to 28%. Wisconsin is at 25%, he said, so 17 points could be saved by someone purchasing a policy in a low-mandate state

...No provision for mandatory transparency on discounted prices for treatments, so people could act like intelligent consumers.

There's a lot more at the link.

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