Monday, August 31, 2009

The Incredibly Incompetent Doyle Administration, Part 3549

Oh yah. You'll hear more about the Million-Dollar "Child-Care" Mama soon.

Here's an interesting tidbit that the JS's intrepid reporter, Raquel Rutledge, dug up:

...fraud investigators ordered surveillance on her house. They nailed her. Her boyfriend, Greg Wilder, was living with her and he was making $88,000 a year driving a van for another day care center, investigators learned.

$88K/year to drive a van? I drove the family's van with my children in it for about 10 years. So does the Incredibly Incompetent Doyle Administration owe me $880,000.00??

It took the Incredibly Incompetent Doyle Administration 10 years to pull the plug on the Million-Dollar Mama--

But not because they wanted to. They pulled the plug when they learned that JS was going to publish the story.

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Headless Blogger said...

You are being too kind to Doyle and his administration in this case. This wasn't a mistake. It is exactly the kind of outcome they endorse. "Spread the wealth around," ya know.