Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Left's Achilles Heel: Delivery

In a word, the Left is enraptured with its own mythology.

...the push for health care "reform" is in one important way, as your title states, a recklessness borne of arrogance -- or if not arrogance exactly, then of the echo-chamber quality of a liberalism that can no longer hear the outside world or, increasingly, itself. This is again related to the way Obama campaigned and has governed. The fact that big majorities are satisfied with the health care system in general and their care in particular just does not register with him. What registers are the Queen for a Day stories -- the cancer-stricken granny whose insurance company cuts her off three days before chemotherapy was to have begun, etc.

Putting a single human face on policy choices that will affect 300,000,000 people paints a powerful picture. But in short order it succumbs to the defects of its "virtues." The public is not yet so dumbed-down that it's going to cashier a system it knows and likes in favor of the Government Sponsored Unknown, and still less is it going to do such a thing on the basis of a handful of anecdotal horror stories -- stories that it senses are deeply dishonest for attempting to convey as routine something people know is anything but

Shark has repeatedly mentioned the fact that 85% of the population is satisfied with the healthcare system in the US. His interlocutors keep yapping about the 15% who (evidently) are NOT satisfied.

But that is 'at the margins' dissatisfaction. What ObamaCare proposes--and cannot possibly deliver--is 100% happy-ness with healthcare.

Worse, for the Left, is the existence of two massive and highly-publicized "FAILS": 'Clunkers' and 'Stimulus.' In the background hovers the real possibility that TARP is also a fail, and even deeper background is the Fail of the "War on Poverty."

And in the foreground is another Massive Fail: 'Cap-N-Tax', whereby the Left claims that it will calm the seas and Save the Earth.

Nobody but the Left actually believes that stuff. Nobody else is looking into Narcissus' mirror.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I think they know exactly what they are doing...and don't care. This is about satisfying the base and "buying" more votes.

Let's look at the Black community. 50 years ago, the Democrats promised to bring them equality and lift them out of poverty. It hasn't worked. All it did was destroy the Black family and the Black business community. But Blacks continue to vote overwhelmingly for the Democrat because the Left has been very successful at demonizing anyone who dares to disagree.

Democrats are always trying to expand that "dependent vote" - people who believe they can't make it without government largess (or don't want to). It is enslavement of the worst kind.

Jay Bullock said...

Shark has repeatedly mentioned the fact that 85% of the population is satisfied with the healthcare system in the US.
Really? Seems like the polling suggests people want an overhaul or at least major reform.

Dad29 said...

Those results are NOT mutually exclusive, as you know, Jay.