Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Doyle's Thefts Lead to "Restricted" Bridges

Just great.

The deterioration of concrete support girders on three bridges in the Zoo Interchange has added another snarl to the state's busiest interchange, forcing the state Tuesday to restrict the loads trucks can carry on those three ramps.

How'd THAT happen?

...By restricting heavy loads, we decrease wear and tear on the bridges and preserve the integrity of the structures until they can be rehabilitated or replaced." [said the Doyle sockpuppet Frankie Busalacchi.]

When that will happen is unclear, given the reduced funding for the engineering and design work. Gov. Jim Doyle put $20 million in the current for the planning work over the next two years, about one-tenth of what the DOT had requested. The Legislature approved that amount.
By contrast, the 2007-'09 budget provided $240 million for engineering and design on the I-94 reconstruction from the Mitchell Interchange to the state line. That work began this year, and the work on the Zoo Interchange had been set to follow that project.

The DOT had been preparing plans for a reconstruction to begin in 2012, but the start of the work has been pushed back for several years because of the state's fiscal difficulties and the projected cost of the project - more than $2.31 billion for the most expensive alternative

Doyle has stolen well over $400 MILLION DOLLARS from the Highway Trust fund, which would be sufficient to bolster the bridges until the rebuild.

So.......when and if one of those bridges goes *boom*, remember Jim Doyle. He'll be enjoying his departure from office.

Others may be departing their life because of him.

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Billiam said...

Just remember this. Being Democrat means never having to assume responsibility for what you've done. There's always someone else to blame. The people, Scott Walker, etc.