Monday, August 31, 2009

Simply Dump ALL of Congress! The CPSIA Reason

Some pollster finds that a large majority would simply dump all Congresscritters into forced retirement, immediately.

No need to wonder why; here's just the latest from the execrable buch of scumsuckers.

[Under CPSIA], Toy-makers, clothing manufacturers and other companies selling products for young children are submitting samples to independent laboratories for safety tests. But the nation’s largest toy maker, Mattel, isn’t being required to do the same. --AP

Says Agitator:

So while small companies and independent toy makers are getting socked with costly testing requirements, the big toy company whose screw-ups were responsible for the law, who then lobbied for the law, and who then hired a top Hill staffer away to help with its lobbying efforts, was then able to get itself an exemption from the part of the law that’s going to be most expensive for all of its competitors. And the regulatory agency that granted the exception kept it all quiet.

Don't let that last sentence fool you. Just like with ObamaCare, the day-to-day screwing of the public is engineered and managed by "regulators."

That's because the wormbastard crapweasels in Congress prefer to evade responsibility for their legislative emanations and deliberately assign the scutwork to "regulators."

Frankly, I think 'retirement' is far too kind for them.

(For other examples of Congressional evasion-of-responsibility-by-legislation, see Jacobson here.)

HT: Agitator

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