Monday, August 24, 2009

Doyle's Rationing Foreshadows ObamaCare Rationing

Oh, yah, Jimbo--THAT was a good idea.

When Greg Cicione called his regular dental office recently, he was told he no longer could make an appointment for his 14-year-old son to get a checkup.

The reason: Cicione's son is now a BadgerCare recipient...

...Cicione decided not to make a big stink. He simply offered to pay cash, just as he always had done in the past when he didn't have dental insurance, for the desired services.

But then staff told him the office couldn't accept his cash either because they knew the boy was on BadgerCare

This is the result of rationing. Doyle's program reimburses dentists at about 40% of typical rates, and of course, the dentist will go to jail if he takes cash instead.

Timberlake, however, said the state can't afford to raise reimbursement rates at a time of historically high budget deficits, so she appealed to dentists to do all they can to alleviate the dental access crisis for low-income residents.

Doyle's priorities are WEAC, the Trial Lawyers, and casinos. Screw the poor.....

Oh, yes, there will be rationing.

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Billiam said...

It's got to be Bush's fault. Or Walker. It just HAS to be. After all, Conservatives don't care about the poor, only Liberals...