Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Corporate Fascism: Obama Motors

We've mentioned the F-word a number of times. One version babbles about 'the cooperation of Government, Corporations, and Labor' as the ideal.

Clearly, that version of Fascism is what we see in the GM/Obama Motors apparition.

David Brooks (HT: The Warrior) lays it out very clearly.

First, the Obama plan will reduce the influence of commercial outsiders.

...Second, the Obama plan entrenches the ancien régime.

...Fifth, G.M.’s executives and unions now have an incentive to see Washington as a prime revenue center

...Sixth, the new plan will create an ever-thickening set of relationships between G.M.’s new owners — in government, management and unions

Brooks is also clear-headed enough to remind us that, while the current ruling class is largely wearing the (D) label, those with the (R) label will NOT be immune to pressure. (See GWBush as the premier example...)

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