Monday, June 22, 2009

Petri Alert!

There may be .06 people who read this blog and live in Petri's district. Well, take action!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Energy and Commmerce Committee chairman Henry Waxman are reaching out to the following House Republicans for their support on Waxman-Markey, according to Carbon Control News:

Tom Petri, (R) WI.

(Rest of the list at the link here.)

One would think that Rep. Petri is aware of the remaining manufacturers in his district, not to mention the very significant agricultural sector up there.

I'm sure he doesn't want to represent a bunch of nothing.........


Kevin said...


I have it on good authority that independent data from a number of think tanks and policy groups on Cap and Trade would make Petri's district within the Top 10 sufferers from the bill's side effects. He's only on that list for his history of "crossing the aisle" and "working with Democrats."

It won't happen this time, too much at home is at stake.

steveegg said...

Put in enough pork and Petri will do anything.