Saturday, June 27, 2009

To Pocan, It's No Big

Mark Pocan, letting you all know how to spend your money.

Madison Democrat Mark Pocan said the plan does what Democrats pledged they would do after gaining the majority in the Assembly: dealing with a record deficit, while protecting schools, public safety and health care, and shielding working families from big tax hikes. A family earning the median state income, said Pocan will pay "about 128 bucks" in new taxes and fees. "Given a $6.6 billion deficit, a historic deficit, I don't think that's all that bad."

Of course, that number doesn't count property-tax increases which WILL result from the State budget.

Beyond that, when you are taking a reduction in pay somewhere between 6% and 50% (or more), that $128.10/year actually means something.

And yes, I know several people who have taken 50% pay cuts. White-collar, hardworking guys. There are a lot more of them around than you may think.

Of course, they still HAVE an income, unlike the folks in Janesville, to whom $128.10 is even MORE significant.

Thanks, Mark!

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