Friday, June 19, 2009

Browner Off the Hook, For Now

We mentioned that Jim Sensenbrenner was extremely upset about Carol Browner's apparently top-secret meetings. It's a story that the local "news" paper did not mention.

House Republicans accused Obama climate czar Carol Browner of deliberately violating the Presidential Records Act by ordering a shroud of secrecy around the development of Obama’s CAFE standards and the EPA’s CO2 endangerment finding.

Waxman, who is as slimy as any (D) in DC, cut this off at the pass.

[Waxman] is pledging to “monitor” and potentially hold hearings on the decision-making process behind EPA’s proposed finding that carbon dioxide endangers public health

So? Oh, yeah, there's more:

Democrats… may be willing to investigate the issue given their own interest in obtaining Bush-era EPA documents

To which my response is: GO FOR IT! If Bush & Co. were playing fast and loose on this, we should know. You know, "accountablity," and "open-ness" and all that rot.

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What say, Jim Sensenbrenner?

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